Kyu-Shibarikyu Garden

The dam of the West Lake in Kyu Shibarikyu garden in Tokyo.

Kyū-Shibarikyū Garden (旧芝離宮庭園)

The Kyu-Shibarikyu garden is most interesting because it was built on reclaimed land from Tokyo Bay in 1658.
The daimyō Ōkubo Tadatomo had his residence here. Although it is an Edo period strolling garden, it resembles the style of Samurai-style architecture more than that of a daimyō garden.
Until the end of the Edo period, the owner of the garden changed continuously until it became a detached palace of the Emperor.

This garden is famous for:

  • The rock formations
  • The birds
  • The Peony blossoms
  • The winter support for the pine trees

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